White & Blue

Genere: Lounge / Nu-Jazz / Pop
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN15040
Summer Breeze
Il Barbone
I Cannot Change
Luna nel cuore
Play Another Game
So Lovely
Sogno blu
To be a Child
You Still Don't Know Way
Envious Moon
feat. Cristina Esa

Produced by Fabrizio Rispoli.
All songs composed by Fabrizio Rispoli.
Recorded and mixed by Claudio Zambenedetti at "Level's Studio" (TV).
Photos by Pattirossi and Graphic by Stefano Raffini.

Vocals: Fabrizio Rispoli
Guitars: Lino Brotto
Keyboards: Nicola Dal Bo
Bass: Andrea Tombesi
Drums: Marco Carlesso
Percussions: Marco Catineccio
Trumpet: Gianluca Carollo
Saxophone: Michele Polga