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UKULELE LOVERS - The new album now available on CD or in all Digital Stores!

  • Friday, 19 May 2017 00:37

Today available on CD or in all Digital Stores IN THIS LIFE, the new album by UKULELE LOVERS.

George Harrison said: “Everybody should have and play a uke, its so simple to carry with you and it is one instrument you can't play and not laugh!... So get yourself a few and enjoy yourselves”. And it's true, the ukulele is exactly that, it offers a precious gift where everyone is an integral part of the group encouraged by the possibility to play it in only a few hours. 

Fascinated by this small instrument's great virtue, the guitarist Andrea Boschetti created a vocal/instrumental ensemble made up of singers and musicians which have been active in classical, pop and jazz music; but painters are also involved, theatrical technicians and even farmers (organic!!), good friends happily building upon a common artistic project: Ukulele Lovers. It soon became not only an avenue for for amateurs but also an example of how the pleasure of sharing the "art of meeting" is truly the main point in making music. 

Performances, educational meetings, jazz festivals and music workshops organized this band help various humanitarian and solidarity initiatives linked to the whole of the world (from Paul Moore 's Ukuleles for Peace to Chiquitica by Updoo World). 

IN THIS LIFE is the first CD by Ukulele Lovers, a pleasant mix of original songs and personalized covers which have been delightfully arranged. You will not only find great jazz standards, traditional, gospel and folk songs, but also favourites by Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys and Bob Dylan. 

Except for double bass and violin upon some tracks, the entire album is played by ukuleles (from soprano to bass). They are joined by other unique instruments not sold in stores, mostly self build or prototypes. Some special guests took part of this album: the guitar virtuoso Daniele Gottardo choose the soprano ukulele for his solo with flavours of Central America. Pietro Tonolo used the velvet sounds of the flutax (a mix between a flute and a tenor sax), a wind instrument invented by himself. Maurizio Bestetti preferred a overdriven cigar box assembled by the Cooperative Laboratory of Arco (TN), Andrea Verza has improvised with a Cossa (a peculiar wind instrument built with the pieces of pumpkin) made available by the Sound Landscape Museum in Riva by Chieri (TO). Lorenzo Frizzera played his Chiquitica, a low cost guitar (€3) developed for people living in poor countries but eager to study music. 

IN THIS LIFE takes its name from the opening song of the album, also featured in a video clip shot by Simone Casadio Pirazzoli and edited by Domenico Giovannini. The song is a hymn of happiness, a motto to the joy that comes from sharing music. The Ukulele Lovers Family once again emphasises the desire to aggregate and invite everyone to be part of the group. 

Ukulele Lovers are: Annika Borsetto, Ilaria Mandruzzato, Barbara Fortin, Milena Dolcetto, Antonella Pasqualini, Marinella Pavan, Andrea Boschetti, Mattia Martorano, Daniele Saggiorato, Marco Barion, Vittore Dalla Benetta, Alessandro Turchet.