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Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Quartet Meets Tommy Smith

  • Saturday, 29 April 2017 11:22
Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Quartet presents NORTH WIND, the new album featuring Tommy Smith available on CD or in all digital stores.
Musical artistry and compositional talents and skills come together to bring "North Wind" to life thanks to the extraordinary Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith's European jazz and accordionist Giuliana Soscia and pianist Pino Jodice's Italian sound. All supported by an exceptional rhythm section with Valerio Vantaggio on drums and Luca Pirozzi on double bass and electric bass.
Nine greatly inspired original compositions in which Tommy Smith masterfully evokes reminiscences of the Scottish Highlands, lands of mythological heroes, northern winds and historic landscapes, richly contaminating the Mediterranean flavors and unmistakable styles of the well-known couple Giuliana Soscia / Pino Jodice.