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EDGES - New album by ELOISA ATTI

  • Thursday, 22 February 2018 23:25

Available on CD or in all digital stores the new Album by Eloisa Atti.

Together with her band of veterans, Eloisa Atti presents the album Edges. Mixed in Tucson by the legendary Craig Schumacher and mastered in Italy by Giovanni Versari (Grammy 2016 for "Best Rock Album"), Edges is a completely original work. It has a sound which is a combination of country-jazz, blues and folk, all of which are given a unique colour with the addition of Eloisa’s very Italian taste for melody. Eloisa Atti's songs tell moving stories that linger on long after the song has ended.

As Eloisa explains, the "edges" of the title "are the extreme edges, the margins that enclose our sense of identity, the lines that are both a separation and a juncture between different worlds, liminal spaces that are the stage for sharp differences and indissoluble constraints. The edge can be the ridge of a cliff, the border between the ground on which we walk and a dimension that does not belong to us: it is the space between us and the mystery that at the same time protects us and exposes us, limits us and connects us to the rest of the world”.