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  • Friday, 18 May 2018 01:11

Available on CD and in all digital stores the wonderful dixie-jazz reinterpretation of the best Disney repertoire.

Even the TIGER DIXIE BAND wants to celebrate and pay homage to Mickey Mouse on the occasion of his 90th birthday. They do it in its own way, re-reading some of the most famous songs and melodies of Disney's legacy, starting right from "Mickey Mouse March". From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to "The Jungle Book", from "The Aristocats" to "Mery Poppins", the Band confronts this timeless sound, able to speak the language of Jazz with the very young people and, especially, shortening the distances between popular culture and art.

Jazz immediately comes to mind when speaking of the legacy of Walt Disney. Over one hundred years of audio-visual production by Disney in the Hollywood studios has left an indelible mark on listeners throughout the world. In both feature-length films and cartoons, Dixieland, swing and orchestral jazz have always been present, with film soundtracks building a new audience of young listeners, generating original compositions which have become standards in the jazz repertoire, and creating a recognisable genre in the recording industry. Among the most well known examples are the Disney-themed albums by Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz and Duke Ellington, indicative of a strongly forged link between Disney compositions and the styles and periods in jazz.  Tiger Dixie Band has expanded its repertoire to include this timeless musical tradition, balancing history and fantasy with a program that spans Disney productions old and new. In this way the group almost becomes a theatrical popular work, bringing jazz to new young audiences as well as reaching out to those who first encountered these tunes in their youth, and has created once again a winning musical combination of pop culture and art.