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  • Friday, 18 October 2019 00:18

MORNING LIGHT - The new album by Fiorenzo Zeni available on CD or on digital stores.

Fiorenzo Zeni's stylistic ductility has allowed him to co-operate significantly with a large number of formations, providing his outgoing and communicative nature. His instrumental voice makes him immediately recognizable in every context, with a palette varying from the dark, rich and grainy mellowness of the tenor sax, to the clear brightness of the alto sax, going through a whole gallery of timbrical and expressive shades.
The large number of contributions to various works have not restrained Fiorenzo in putting up his own projects, which he anyway ripened for a long time, with great care: in 2013 he published "Cortometraggio" (which means "short film" in Italian), his first CD, and only now he gets to this second personal work, the result of a project which in many ways is set on the opposite side of the first mentioned.
At that time it dealt with tracks born in different moments, some very far one to another, which as a whole told us about a sort of musical biography, made up of different glimpses and varying situations, with new set-ups in every track; the present "Morning Lights" is focusing on a more harmonic palette of inspirations, even if with many challenging digressions. Fiorenzo wanted to set up a solid quartet, with Michele Giro on the piano, Marco Stagni on the double-bass and Michele Vurchio on the drum. Given the personnel, you can already find out the goal to entrust a large part of the melodic and solistic responsability to his own instrument, mostly the tenor sax. A daring and challenging choice, which on one side anticipates a well focused stilistic target, on the other requires a high degree of compositive variety, able to render a complex and captivating music flow. It is a challenge for the rhythmic section too, which is given the paramount task, as you will hear very well accomplished, to stick to the leader's needs, to interact, to fill in the solos, to render the whole solid and at the same time, lively.
Linear Notes by Giuseppe Segala - Translation by Luca Peterle