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100% DIXIELAND - TIGER DIXIE BAND Official Playlist

Available on Spotify from Alman Music the official monographic playlist of the Tiger Dixie Band, 100% Dixieland ...


The Tiger Dixie Band is particularly involved in rediscovering Jazz of the so-called Roarin' Years, with an original and up-to-date approach. Typical nuances of the New Orleans and Chicago style, of Charleston and Ragtime, are philologically proposed both in style and spirit (also thanks to the use of original instruments of the time), but the sound anyway flows through the modern musical experiences of the single Band members, which melt togheter in execution, arrangement and improvisation, avoiding by this a mere "revival" effect and celebrating viceversa the statement that this musical genre hasn't aged, just like Swing or Bebop.
In collaboration with Cose Sonore / Alman Music they have so far released "Original Dixieland Songbook", dedicated to the origins of Dixieland, "Classical in Dixieland", a reinterpretation and study dedicated to the relationship between Jazz and European classical music, "A walk through Dixneyland", arrangement in Dixieland style of some of the most famous songs of the Disney legacy, and the max 45 vinyl "Tiger Rag Century Edition", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous "Tiger Rag".