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Special Marketing

Alman Music offers to companies and various commercial enterprises, customized musical compilations in CDs for purposes of advertising, commercial gift-giving or for sale.

Our achievements and experience acquired through years of activities in this field have proven that this marketing concept works effectively.  Compared to other products’ results, our CDs not only have high entertainment values,  but they also have a long shelf life  at home or in the car.

The CD cover or the accompanying booklet , is a strong form of exposure and can represent a brand, a product, a specific initiative of the company, a catalog or even the company itself.
The  product may include a ROM section which may contain catalogs, price lists, photo galleries, videos, ads or website links. Advertising spots can also be inserted in the audio section of the CD.
Our partnership with the  major music labels allows us to have access to an enormous catalog of music which includes great hits and international artists. In this way we don’t lack repertoires such as Christmas carols or children’s songs.  With a request in advance, it is absolutely possible to create an ad hoc repertoire.

The musical proposal is almost always based on Lounge music,  R&B and Easy Listening. The selection then is a successful one because it offers the listener a product which is  both enjoyable and unique as the music is frequently unknown. A CD that pleases and it’s something new…a disc that will be listened to in the car or that will be the musical pillar during a nice soiree at home with friends.
Special attention is being paid to the exterior presentation and packaging of the products. Besides being music to listen to, the brand that it offers  stands out prominently. Different presentations with hard covers can make the product even more attractive and adaptable for different formats according to what you wish to expose graphically.

See or download the description of possible sizes.