Tiger Rag

Format VINYL
Genre / Swing / Jazz
Label Cose Sonore
Precio 21.90 €
País World
Número de catálogo COSE17021



Tiger Rag Century Edition is a project initiated exactly 100 years after the first release of the famous and loved dixieland tune Tiger Rag. It contains the original restored version dated 1917, plus a new version, recorded by contemporary musicians on an original wax cylinder; in fact, 2017 also happens to be the 140th anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison’s invention of the phonograph.

001 to 500 Numbered Limited Edition 

A1 - TIGER RAG (La Rocca)
Performed by Original Dixieland Jass Band in NYC
on  August 17, 1917

A2 - TIGER RAG (La Rocca)
Performed by Tiger Dixie Band in Bozen (IT)
on July 15, 2017

Cover Draw by Gaia Fogli
Graphics by Eloisa Montevecchi 

In partnership with:
Ass. Culturale Ragtime
Ass. Culturale New Project
Mostra ArcheoPhonica
PhonoWorks Germany

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