Gorgan Trio

Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE22097
Donkey and the Cat05:55
The Reef04:50
Pat Mood04:40
Gli o Lan06:30
Mister PM04:27
Mio My Love04:47
The Blue and the Blues04:38

Roberto Gorgazzini, Giuliano Cramerotti, and Valerio Abeni present a new album with a title ironically inspired by the organist of the Trio. Now available on all digital platforms, GORGAN TRIO. Ten original tracks composed by the Trentino musicians Roberto Gorgazzini and Giuliano Cramerotti, who have been working together since 1978, further solidifying this trio with the addition of Valerio Abeni since 2014. The ten original tracks are mainly inspired by the sound of the organ trio, from Wes Montgomery to the recently departed Pat Martino, to whom the Trio dedicates the tracks "Pat Mood" and "Mister PM". An immortal sound for a tracklist that encompasses funky, ballad, gospel, blues, and waltz.

Organ hammond: Roberto Gorgazzini 

Gutar: Giuliano Cramerotti

Drums: Valerio Abeni

Produced by Roberto Gorgazzini and Giuliano Cramerotti

Recorded by Mario Marcassa at "Cat Sound Studio" in Badia Polesine (RO)

Mixed by Simone Casadio Pirazzoli at "ExCantine Studio" in Imola (BO)

Masterized by Alberto Mantovani at "Alman Project Studio" in Imola (BO)

Photos by Franco Silvestri

Cover by Mario Marcassa

Graphics by Stefano Raffini

Music by Roberto Gorgazzini (2,4,5,6,7,10) and Giuliano Cramerotti (1,3,8,9)