Amores de Cristal - 10th Anniversary

It came out 10 years ago, on June 1, 2014, one of our most successful releases. The song "Amores De Cristal" written by Alex Sirvent and performed by Luja Duhart, part of the soundtrack of the famous soap "Lo que la vida me robó", has exceeded the milestone of 30 million plays on digital platforms in recent years. To celebrate, the Re-Master 2024 is now available in Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos) on all platforms that support this format. 

Thanks Luja! Thanks Alex!

Papik presents Virginia Mancaniello - RESTA CU’ MME

The vocalist of No-Lounge returns to interpret Neapolitan classics together with the nu-jazz music icon, Papik. More than ten years after the release of the album “Napoli,” published with the No-Lounge project and becoming a cult in its genre, Virginia Mancaniello accepts the invitation of the Roman producer and records, this time in her own name, a new concept dedicated to Neapolitan folk songs.

In anticipation of summer, with this first single, Papik and Virginia Mancaniello thus preview the release of the album “Ritorno a Napoli.” The reinterpretation of Modugno's famous song “Resta Cu’ mme,” with its compelling rhythm supported by percussion, strings, and horns in perfect “Papik” style, will undoubtedly brighten summer evenings. The album, scheduled for September, will feature 14 tracks chosen from the most classic Neapolitan repertoire, revisited, spanning nu-jazz, chillout, and bossa nova in an engaging alternation of acoustic and electronic sounds.



is the first album of original songs, performed by the South African singer and model Nicole Magolie, and produced by the icon of nu-jazz/lounge music, Papik. Ten tracks wrotten by the two artists in hip-hop, soul, jazz, dance, and R&B. With diverse listening experience the album is characterized by Nicole's captivating vocals and Papik's distinctive style.

The album's release was preceded by the introduction of two singles: "Montecarlo," one of the most-played tracks on major Italian and French radio stations throughout the summer, and "Walkin Walkin." The focus track for this release is the single "Crazy for You," a nu-disco-inspired track with an '80s flavor. The entire album is available in all stores in physical CD and on all digital platforms. It is also available in a spatial audio format (Dolby Atmos) for platforms that support this technology.

Walkin Walkin


is the second single chosen to present Papik's new project, featuring the singer, model, and performer from South Africa, Nicole Magolie. This release anticipates the album "Montecarlo Diamonds," which is set to be released in October. Following the radio success of the first single "Montecarlo," heavily played throughout the summer on RMC and other major Italian and French radio stations, this second track is characterized by Soul and R&B sound. Once again co-written by the two artists, "Walkin Walkin" is an introspective yet alluring song, distinguished by Papik's unmistakable style and Nicole's typical sensual vocal character. Down Tempo, but it doesn't lack that constant desire for movement present throughout the album. Starting from September 15th, the song will be available on all radio stations and digital stores, also in spatial audio format (Dolby Atmos) for platforms that support this format. The presentation of the single comes with the black-and-white videoclip directed and produced by Simone Pirazzoli, filmed while “Walkin Walkin” through the streets of the Principality of Monaco... "Walkin Walkin… Till I find you."

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