In Swing We Trust

Genere: Jazz / Swing
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE16010
Tuxedo Junction (Ragtime Remaster)
Giorgio Cuscito
feat. Swing Valley Band
Your Mother's Son in Law
Eloisa Atti
Me Myself and I (Ratime Remastered)
Bayou Moonshiners
My Gypsy Soul Trio
You Can't Bet on Love (Ragtime Remaster)
Pepper and the Jellies
My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Ragtime Remaster)
Harp Bazaar
Esquire Bounce
Paolo Tomelleri
Baby It's Cold Outside
Lara Luppi
feat. GREG
Conosci mia cugina (Ragtime Remaster)
Mauro Ottolini
feat. Ottovolante
Comes Love
Eloisa Atti
Some of These Days (Ragtime Remaster)
Pepper and the Jellies
Loch Lomond (Ragtime Remaster)
Paolo Tomelleri
Dottor Swing
Sandra Cartolari
Big Time Woman
Bayou Moonshiners
Silent George (Ragtime Remaster)
Giorgio Cuscito
feat. Swing Valley Band
Hokey Pokey (Ragtime Remaster)
My Gypsy Soul Trio

Ballroom & Classic Vintage Jazz Swing selected by RAGTIME

Almost an hour of Swing music to listen and dance with:

Giorgio Cuscito & Swing Valley Band (01-16)
Eloisa Atti (02-11)
Bayou Moonshiners (03-15)
My Gypsy Soul (04-17)
Pepper and the Jellies (05-12)
Paolo Alderighi & Stephanie Trick (06)
Harp Bazaar (07)
Paolo Tomelleri (08-13)
Lara Luppi feat Greg (09)
Mauro Ottolini (Orch. Ottovolante) (10)
Sandra Cartolari (14)