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Eloisa Atti, daughter of Bolognese poet Luciano Atti, is a singer, a musician and an original composer. She has been singing ever since she was a child, when she used to perform around Europe for 6 years with the prestigious Italian Choir from Bologna “Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano”. She studied violin and piano at Bologna’s Conservatory G.B. Martini as a teenager and started singing jazz in her twenties. After graduating with honors in Languages at the University of Bologna, with a thesis about African American music, she graduated with distinction in Jazz at the Conservatory "Antonio Buzzolla" in Adria, where she teaches English at the Jazz Studies Department. She founded her Jazz Quintet “EAJQ” with which she has been performing ever since in famous Italian and international Jazz venues and Festivals. EAJQ has always been centered on the music and art of Billie Holiday and Atti's album “Everything Happens for the Best” is a passionate homage to the great African American singer. Atti has so far made three records in duo with guitarist Marco Bovi, where she sings and plays the concertina, plus three more records, featuring her original songs for which she was praised by the press with the words “light as butterfly flights, but of a consistent lightness”. She has featured on Italian tv as well as on several theatre shows working as a vocalist. Her most recent work is Americana original album "Edges" that has been praised by national and international press and broadcast on important radio networks in Italy and abroad.

Official Release

Everything Happens for the Best
The Careless Song

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In Swing We Trust Vol.2
Trip Hop Crop
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In Swing We Trust
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