We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas

Genere: Christmas / Jazz / Latin-Jazz / Swing
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN19080
Jingle Bells03:59
It's Christmas Time
feat. Fabrizio Rispoli
Winter Wonderland
feat. Lara Luppi
A Child Is Born
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
The Christmas Song
feat. Eloisa Atti
Let It Snow
feat. Claudio Gregori
We Wish You a Mambo Christmas
feat. Javier Girotto
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
feat. Federico Stragà
Now and Evermore
feat. Dhany & Javier Girotto
What a Wonderful World
feat. Marco Pierobon
Santa Baby
feat. Sandra Cartolari
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
feat. Giuliana Beberi
Over the Rainbow
feat. Fiorenzo Zeni
Silent Night
feat. Nicole Magolie
December Goes Away
feat. Fabrizio Bosso

Available on CD or in all digital store the new Christmas album by New Project Orchestra.

Trusting on 18 musicians, the New Project Orchestra dedicate this album to Christmas, together with some of the finest and well-known actors of the Italian Jazz scene: Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Lara Luppi, Greg, Federico Stragà, Marco Pierobon, Fabrizio Rispoli, Dhany, and many more. 
Among some of the most popular Christmas standards, we find four new released tunes, composed specifically for this work: It's Christmas Time, We wish you a Mambo Christmas, Now and Evermore, December Goes Away.
A balanced interplay of swinging grooves, latin waves and silky elegant moods, leading to an extraordinary Christmas in good company!



01 - Jingle Bells
02 - It’s Christmas Time (feat. Fabrizio Rispoli)
03 - Winter Wonderland (feat. Lara Luppi)
04 - A Child Is Born (feat. Fabrizio Bosso)
05 - The Christmas Song (feat. Eloisa Atti)
06 - Let It Snow (feat. Claudio Gregori)
07 - We Wish You a Mambo Christmas (feat. Javier Girotto)
08 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (feat. Federico Stragà)
09 - Now and Evermore (feat. Dhany & Javier Girotto)
10 - What a Wonderful World (feat. Marco Pierobon) 
11 - Santa Baby (feat. Sandra Cartolari) 
12 - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (feat. Giuliana Beberi) 
13 - Over the Rainbow (feat. Fiorenzo Zeni) 
14 - Silent Night (feat. Nicole Magolie) 
15 - December Goes Away (feat. Fabrizio Bosso) 


We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas

Fabrizio Rispoli (2)
Lara Luppi (3)
Fabrizio Bosso (4,15)
Eloisa Atti (5)
Claudio "Greg" Gregori (6)
Javier Girotto (7,9)
Federico Stragà (8)
Dhany (9)
Marco Pierobon (10)
Sandra Cartolari (11)
Giuliana Beberi (12)
Fiorenzo Zeni (13)
Nicole Magolie (14)

New Project Orchestra:
Stefano Menato - alto sax, clarinet, flute
Giuliana Beberi - alto sax
Fiorenzo Zeni - tenor sax
Gianni Alberti - tenor sax
Giorgio Beberi - baritone sax
Paolo Trettel - trumpet, flugelhorn
Christian Stanchina - trumpet
Emiliano Tamanini - trumpet
Alessio Tasin - trumpet
Gigi Grata - trombone
Hannes Mock - trombone
Fabrizio Carlin - trombone
Demetrio Bonvecchio - trombone
Stefano Caniato - piano
Roberto Dell'antonio - double bass
Stefano Senni - double bass
Daniele Patton - drums
José Molina - percussion

Stefano Menato (1,2,15), Fiorenzo Zeni (2,3,6), Paolo Trettel (3,11,14), Christian Stanchina (2,12), Gigi Grata(1,11), Stefano Caniato (5,11,12).

Arranged by
John La Barbera (1), Fiorenzo Zeni (2,9,15)Myles Collins (3,6), Thad Jones (4), Jerry Nowak (5,10), Luigi Grata (7), Dave Wolpe (8,12), Emiliano Tamanini (11), Paul Cook (13), Luca Merlini (14).

Recorded by Marco Sirio Pivetti at Metrò Rec Studio
in Riva Del Garda (TN) - Italy

All guests recorded by Alberto Mantovani
at ExCantine Recording Studio in Imola (BO) - Italy
except for Fabrizio Bosso recorded by Marco Maracci at TotoSound in Roma, Greg recorded by Attilio Di Giovanni in Roma, Marco Pierobon and Giuliana Beberi recorded by Luca Merlini in Bolzano - Italy 

Mixed and Mastered by Alberto Mantovani
at Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO) - Italy

Photo by Matteo Beberi
Graphics by Stefano Raffini