NICOLE MAGOLIE meets NO-LOUNGE - Red Moonlight

Nicole Magolie meets NO-LOUNGE | From Friday 4th June RED MOONLIGHT in all digital stores!

Eight years ago No-Lounge released the album "NAPOLI" destined to become a "cult" in Nu-Jazz / Lounge-Music. Even the South African performer Nicole Magolie was bewitched by the sounds of the great melodies of the Neapolitan Song through the arrangements of this album.

“I perfectly remember that evening in Naples when I listened to the No-Lounge version of Luna Rossa for the first time: what a wonderful alchemy.  Stunned, I found myself spontaneously singing the same refrain in English.  I was in the company of some friends and among them my inseparable artistique partner Gabriele Gentile who immediately picked up the phone and asked me to repeat once more to record a vocal note.  I don't know exactly which route it took when  he made that recording, but it ended up being listened to by No-Lounge and Alman Music too and I magically found myself shortly after in Imola to record their version of “Red Moonlight”… Thanks!”




DHANY - NOW AND EVERMORE feat. New Project Orchestra & Javier Girotto

NOW AND EVERMORE - Out today in every digital store the single hit by DHANY feat. NEW PROJECT ORCHESTRA and JAVIER GIROTTO

Last year Alman Music released WE WISH YOU A JAZZY CHRISTMAS, the much acclaimed album by NEW PROJECT ORCHESTRA, which featured new arrangements of timeless Christmas classics, along with four new songs specifically composed for the release. Beside the eighteen musicians of the big band, that project involved various guests, friends, talented artists that with their voices or instruments shaped and enriched, as soloists, the atmosphere of each of the fifteen tracks.

Wishing to keep on celebrating Christmas along with the musical magic that was born from those collaborations, Alman Music has decided to introduce every year a different single extracted from that album. Exactly one month before Christmas 2020, here comes the first one, NOW AND EVERMORE, with the voice of DHANY and the precious alto sax solo by JAVIER GIROTTO. Intimate and dreamy original ballad (music by Luca Merlini and lyrics by Luca Peterle), "Now and Evermore" is a song about melancholy and loss, but at the same time pointing towards hope and peace; therefore it has been chosen as first single, given the hard year we are experiencing. Dhany (Daniela Galli) is a multi-talented artist, vastly known to the audience thanks to her great career in the electro-music field. For this occasion she is showcasing her audience a more tender and intimate character.







We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas

Available on CD or in all digital store the new Christmas album by New Project Orchestra.

Trusting on 18 musicians, the New Project Orchestra dedicate this album to Christmas, together with with some of the finest and well-known actors of the Italian Jazz scene: Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Lara Luppi, Greg, Federico Stragà, Marco Pierobon, Fabrizio Rispoli, Dhany, and many more.
Among some of the most popular Christmas standards, we find four new released tunes, composed specifically for this work: It's Christmas Time, We wish you a Mambo Christmas, Now and Evermore, December goes away.
A balanced interplay of swinging grooves, latin waves and silky elegant moods, leading to an extraordinary Christmas in good company!



01 - Jingle Bells
02 - It’s Christmas Time (feat. Fabrizio Rispoli)
03 - Winter Wonderland (feat. Lara Luppi)
04 - A Child Is Born (feat. Fabrizio Bosso)
05 - The Christmas Song (feat. Eloisa Atti)
06 - Let It Snow (feat. Claudio Gregori)
07 - We Wish You a Mambo Christmas (feat. Javier Girotto)
08 - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (feat. Federico Stragà)
09 - Now and Evermore (feat. Dhany & Javier Girotto)
10 - What a Wonderful World (feat. Marco Pierobon)
11 - Santa Baby (feat. Sandra Cartolari)
12 - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (feat. Giuliana Beberi)
13 - Over the Rainbow (feat. Fiorenzo Zeni)
14 - Silent Night (feat. Nicole Magolie)
15 - December Goes Away (feat. Fabrizio Bosso)






3 SPRITZ - Bossa in Italian by Reinaldo Anastacio

The new album by Brazilian singer-songwriter Reinaldo Anastacio is available in all digital stores. TRE SPRITZ is written almost totally in Italian and performed in the company of friends Pattirossi and Fabrizio Rispoli.

The typical mix of Brazilian traditional music, samba, bossa nova and jazz, is present in all the 12 tracks of this production in which, among the many musicians, stands out also the extraordinary featuring of the harmonicist Gabriel Grossi. Reinaldo, Pattirossi and Fabrizio Rispoli alternate in the interpretations of the songs written by the Brazilian singer, helped this time in the lyrics also by Pattirossi and Francesco Dal Poz. As usual there is an instrumental track dedicated to the Brazilian tradition: "Brazilian Groove" here entrusted to the trombone of Jorginho Neto.






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