Genere: Pop / Pop Italiano
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN17062
Statue (Instrumental)03:09
Non Meriti03:46
Estate Perduta (Extended)04:57
feat. Filippo Malatesta
Il percorso migliore03:29
Le stragi in maschera04:12
La forma della star03:10
Occhiali a specchio04:09
STATUE Suite (MEDLEY)13:58

Anticipated by the single "Estate perduta," the new album by the singer-songwriter from Rimini is titled "STATUE," subtitled by the author as "Discolungo," not so much for its duration (which is not much longer than the average of what was once called a long play) but for the time it took to conceive it during the artist's incessant activity. In recent years, as a songwriter and guitarist (in the studio and live), Massimo Marches has collaborated with numerous important artists through experiences that have taken him to the most important stages in Italy: from the Premio Tenco with Filippo Graziani in 2014 to the recent Festival di Sanremo alongside Braschi.

Produced and created by Marches himself, "Statue" is a singer-songwriter album, focused on vocals and warm acoustic sounds primarily presented by a combination of guitar, piano, and cello. Seven years after his first album "Le stagioni di un tempo," the new project highlights the maturity and experience of all the musicians, authors, and technicians involved. It is a work created together with longtime collaborators Tommy Graziani, Marco Mantovani, Giacomo De Paoli, and Cristian Bonato, and it also includes instrumental episodes, embellished by the presence of the Costa brothers Gionata and Andrea (Quintorigo) on strings, directed by the young Federico Mecozzi (previously a violinist alongside Ludovico Einaudi), which adds a touch of cinematic elements. Among the guests is also Filippo Malatesta, who duets with Marches on the cover of his song "Meteo," the Duo bucolico and Braschi on the delirious track "La forma della star," and Andrea Amati, who penned the song "Altrove." The album concludes with a unique suite of five tracks, partly songs and partly instrumental, featuring vocals by Giuseppe Righini and Massimo Modula.

The lyrics and atmospheres give the new album a melancholic but always positive flavor. "Le ‘statue naufragate' (shipwrecked statues) are the things we keep inside, the mistakes that remain but become part of a journey [...]. Even the songs that talk about ended loves, like ‘Estate Perduta' or ‘Altrove', always look forward, to the future and change as evolution.

Massimo Marches - Vocals, Guitars, and Bass
Gionata Costa - Cello
Giacomo De Paoli - Percussion
Tomaso Graziani - Drums
Marco Mantovani - Piano
Federico Mecozzi - Violin, Viola, and String Arrangements (tracks 3, 11)

...and also:
Alberto Amati, Andrea Costa, Enrico Farnedi, Marco Marchetti, Daniele Marzi, Marco Montebelli, and Gianluca Morelli.

They have also sung and performed:
Andrea Amati, Filippo Malatesta, Daniele Maggioli, Antonio Ramberti and Braschi, Massimo Modula, and Giuseppe Righini.

Recorded and mixed by:
Cristian Bonato, Dani Marzi, Gionata Costa, and Fulvio Mannella
Mastered by Giovanni Versari
at La Maestà Mastering in Tredozio (FC)

Photos and graphic design by Massimo Modula

Produced by Massimo Marches"