Per tutte le altre destinazioni

Genere: Pop / Pop Italiano
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN18071
I balconi di Milano03:59
L'uomo proiettile03:34
Sono Contento03:09
I posti di mare04:13
Il mestiere del fuoco03:27

Noted by the general public for his characters in shows such as Colorado, Mai Dire Grande Fratello, Bulldozer, and Glob (Giginho the Brazilian, Mirko, parodies of singer-songwriters like Biondi and Grignani), Fabrizio began his career in 1994 with the Tenco Prize as a singer-songwriter. This activity has never been abandoned, and he has continued to write not only comedic texts but also original songs, interpreted by himself and other important Italian artists like Mario Biondi or Cristiano De Andrè. Today, the album 'Per tutte le altre destinazioni' collects songs written over the last fifteen years. There is no comedy, perhaps a bit of irony at times.

"This album is more than just a record; it is a piece of my life. These are the songs that I have continued to write and carried with me wherever I went. Fragments of an existential travel diary. It contains everything: vast Atlantic expanses and microscopic claustrophobia, suburban disillusionments, wandering melancholies, impulses, azure mirages, and a few stabs..." [...]

The album 'Per tutte le altre destinazioni' gathers eleven songs written by the Genoan artist in the last fifteen years. The album was created with the artistic production of guitarist Andrea Maddalone. Among the tracks, there are soft acoustic ballads (from 'Ciliegie' to 'Vertigine'), electronic contaminations ('I balconi di Milano'), De Andre-esque atmospheres ('Maestrale'), and more rhythmic songs (from 'Sono contento' to 'Spento'). The album also includes 'L'uomo proiettile,' with which Fabrizio won all four awards at the Bindi Prize in 2012.

Produced and realized by Andrea Maddalone
Executive Producer: Fabrizio Casalino

Fabrizio Casalino: vocals, guitars, programming
Andrea Maddalone: guitars, keyboards, programming
Riccardo Barbera: double bass
Fabio Maggioni: electric bass
Marco Dirani: electric bass (tracks 2, 3, 5)
Gionata Costa: cello
Patrizia Merciari: accordion
Alberto Mantovani: piano (track 2)
Valentina Raffo and Sara Giovinazzo: backing vocals

Recorded by Andrea Maddalone
at Mad Studio in Genoa
and by Alberto Mantovani
at ExCantine Studio in Imola (BO)
Mixed and mastered by Alberto Mantovani
at Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO)

Except for "Spento" produced by Fabio Maggioni and recorded at Noise Factory Studio in Milan with Diego Corradin (drums), Fabio Maggioni (bass), Stefano Tedeschi (guitar), and Diego Baiardi (keyboards) - Executive Producer: Alessio Camagni

Photography by Giulia Ferrando
Illustration and graphic design by Gaia Fogli