Guardare fuori

Genere: Pop / Pop Italiano
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN18070
Guardare fuori03:37
I primi di marzo04:53
Un giorno magico03:47
Ho esaurito la paura03:30
Odio il mio bassista03:45
Che cos'è l'arte? (Original)04:09

"This is the first album where I am the author of all the songs. In the past, I experienced songwriting almost as self-imposed restriction, perhaps because I was always labeled as a singer-songwriter, even though I had never done anything to appear as one. In recent years, I decided to pick up the guitar and approach writing with a different spirit. Over time, I discovered that consistency can turn into passion and that passion is the only way to create something genuine and perhaps even artistic. Writing has become a desire, and the pieces that make up this album were born from a genuine inspiration and the desire to express myself with utmost sincerity."

Produced by Federico Stragà
Arrangements: Valerio Carboni
Artistic Production: Valerio Carboni and Federico Stragà
Recorded and mixed by Valerio Carboni
at Safe & Sound Studio in Montecavolo (RE)
Drums recorded by Andrea Fontanesi
at Vox Recording Studio in Reggio Emilia
Mastered by Marco D'Agostino
at 96khz Studio in Milan

Except for Che cos'è l'arte?
Produced and realized by Alberto Mantovani
at ExCantine Recording Studio in Imola (BO)

Federico Stragà - vocals and acoustic guitar
Valerio Carboni - bass, guitars, and keyboards
Cesare Barbi - drums
Antonio Iammarino - Rhodes piano
Aldo Betto - electric guitar and ukulele
Emiliano Vernizzi - saxophone
Alessandro Cosentino - violin
Marco Pandolfi - harmonica
Ronny Aglietti - bass (8)
Elisa Aramonte - backing vocals
Cristiano Micalizzi - drums (10)
Loris Ceroni - bass (10)
Andrea Morelli - electric guitar (10)

Drawings: Ludovica Stragà
Graphics: Barbara Zanuttigh - Cucù Studio