Che cos'è l'arte?

Genere: Acoustic / Pop
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN15033
Che cos'è l'arte? (Original)04:09

What is art?
"I certainly don't claim to explain what art is here. I wrote this song because I still wonder about it, fascinated by recognizing art sometimes even in the most ordinary daily gestures of people [...]"

Che cos'è l'arte? (F. Stragà - F. Fiumara)

Produced by Alberto Mantovani and Federico Stragà;

Drums: Cristiano Micalizzi;
Bass: Loris Ceroni;
Guitars: Andrea Morelli, Aldo Betto, Federico Stragà;
Ukulele: Aldo Betto;
Whistle: Caterina Sangiorgi.

Photos and graphics: Stefano Raffini.

Press Office: Safe and Sound.