Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Alman Music  Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE17014
Feste popolari in Sardegna (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu
Duru Duru Song (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu
Inno alla vita (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu
Lu Scottis (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu
Chi tene 'o mare (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu
Variazioni / Sonata per luna crescente (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu
Volcano for Hire (live)
feat. Paolo Fresu

The live album extracted from the marvelous concert held on June 22nd, 2016, at the Solfatara volcano in Pozzuoli during the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival is now available in stores and on all digital platforms.

The Jazz Parthenopea Orchestra was born in the creative and volcanic heart of Naples, from an idea by Pino Jodice and Giuliana Soscia, and brings together 20 extraordinary musicians from Southern Italy. It is one of the rare cases of an orchestra with two directors and perhaps the only one that offers the audience a male and female perspective on composition, arrangement, and direction.

While it can find reference in the powerful orchestra of Stan Kenton, it also adds the use of less conventional instruments, from Giuliana Soscia's accordion to ethnic drums and the percussive singing of Giovanni Imparato, and the tuba bass, thus expanding the timbre range, offering sounds capable of harmoniously blending tradition and innovation through paths of experimentation and fusion.

The Megaride project, inspired by the islet of the ancient Parthenope, aims to express Naples as a cultural center of the Mediterranean, a crossroads of wonderful and artistically unparalleled encounters, where jazz represents an important and consolidated reality. It is a desire to enhance local musicians and to revive the Mediterranean through music capable of fostering cultural exchange and breaking down, now more than ever, every barrier.

The musical journey (over 75 minutes on the album) includes original compositions and orchestra arrangements by Pino Jodice and Giuliana Soscia, where varied writing and timbral research are the main ingredients, celebrated in this concert also by the exceptional guest Paolo Fresu, possibly the most followed Italian jazz musician worldwide. There are great mixtures of American tradition and ethnic-folkloric colors, from Jodice's composition "Feste popolari in Sardegna" to Soscia's "Lu Scottis." Influences from classical music are also easily perceived among the notes of Giuliana Soscia in the piece "Sonata per luna crescente." Among Pino Jodice's arrangements, in addition to the composition "Inno alla vita" written by Paolo Fresu for his son, and an unpublished jazz version of Weather Report's "Volcano for Hire," there is also a tribute to the great Pino Daniele with the jazz version of "Chi tene 'o mare," which received the Certificate of Excellence from the "Pino Daniele Trust Onlus" Foundation.

The musicians involved are: Pino Jodice (direction, compositions, arrangements, and piano), Giuliana Soscia (direction, compositions, arrangements, and accordion), Paolo Fresu (composition, trumpet, flugelhorn, and live-electronic), Giovanni Imparato (percussion and vocals), Domenico Guastafierro (flute), Enzo Amazio (guitar), Alexandre Cerda Belda (tuba), Luciano Bellico, Claudio Cardito, Gianluca Vigliar, Valerio Virzo, Nicola Rando (saxophones), Gianfranco Campagnoli, Lorenzo Federici, Fabio Renzullo, Pino Melfi, Umberto Paudice (trumpets), Alessandro Tedesco, Francesco Izzo, Pasquale Mosca, Michelangelo Grisi (trombones), Marco De Tilla (electric bass and double bass), Pietro Iodice (drums).

Pino Jodice and Giuliana Soscia, both with a long musical journey, share the same vision of music and composition. United in art and life since 2007 with the "Giuliana Soscia & Pino Jodice Quartet" (and Duet), they have released eight albums and received critical and public acclaim worldwide with incredible concert activity. Pino Jodice is a pianist, award-winning composer and arranger, and conductor with experience in some of the most important jazz orchestras in the world. Giuliana Soscia is considered by critics as one of the best jazz accordionists in Italy, in addition to being a talented pianist, composer, and orchestra conductor.


Pino Jodice
(conductor, piano, compisitions, arrangemens)
Giuliana Soscia
(conductor, accordion, compositions, arrangements)
Paolo Fresu
(trumpet, flugelhorn, live electronics, compositions)

Giovanni Imparato (percussions, vocal)
Domenico Guastafierro (flute)
Enzo Amazio (guitar)
Alexandre Cerdà Belda (tuba)
Luciano Bellico, Claudio Cardito, Gianluca Vigliar, Valerio Virzo, Nicola Rando (saxes)
Gianfranco Campagnoli, Lorenzo Federici, Fabio Renzullo, Pino Melfi, Umberto Paudice (trumpets)
Alessandro Tedesco, Francesco Izzo, Pasquale Mosca, Michelangelo Grisi (trombones)
Marco De Tilla (double bass, electric bass)
Pietro Iodice (drums)

Live recorded on June 22, 2016 during the Pozzuoli Jazz Festival at volcano Solfatara in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy

Mixed and Mastered by Enzo Rizzo at Soulfinger Studioin Naples, Italy

Cover Photo by Enzo Buono
Graphics by Stefano Raffini