Nano Nano

Genere: Funk / Jazz
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN18066
The Streets of San Francisco
feat. Marco Pierobon
I Dream of Jeannie / Bewitched
feat. Marco Pierobon
UFO Main Theme
feat. Marco Pierobon
The Odd Cupple Theme
feat. Marco Pierobon
The Streetbeater (Sandfird & Son)
feat. Marco Pierobon
The Love Boat03:08
Charlie's Angels Theme
feat. Marco Pierobon
Dallas / Dynasty
feat. Marco Pierobon
Perry Mason
feat. Marco Pierobon
Space: 1999
feat. Marco Pierobon
Gotcha (Starsky & Hutch)
feat. Marco Pierobon
Star Trek
feat. Marco Pierobon
CHiPs Theme
feat. Marco Pierobon
Na-no Na-no
feat. Marco Pierobon

Themes from the most famous vintage sitcoms come back to life in exciting big band orchestrations on this New Project recording, Nanu Nanu. Imagine roaring along the Californian highway on a motorcycle, hurling through outer space aboard the USS Enterprise, falling in love on the Pacific Princess in the southern seas or tracking crime behind the wheel of a Ford Gran Torino. Relive the times evoked through themes from these unforgettable TV series of the seventies and eighties: funk in the age of flared trousers, disco balls and long hair, and unbeatable heroes, detectives, aliens and super cops. Brilliant arrangements featuring Marco Pierobon bring renewed life to the unmistakable musical style and cultural heritage of these TV masterpieces.

Recorded Live at Teatro Cristallo in Bolzano, Italy

Marco Pierobon - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet

Fiorenzo Zeni - Conductor and Tenor Sax
Stefano Menato - Alto Sax
Giorgio Beberi - Baritone Sax
Paolo Trettel - Trumpet
Christian Stanchina - Trunpet
Gigi Grata - Trombone
Hannes Mock - Trombone
Stefano Nicli - Guitar
Daniele Martin - Keyboards
Roberto Dallantonio - Bass
Stefano Pisetta - Drums
Luca Merlini - Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Luca Merlini
at Fledermaus Music & Art
Mastered by Alberto Mantovani
at Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO), Italy

All arrangements by Fiorenzo Zeni except
tr.2 arranged by Gigi Grata