Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE18026
I Mean You (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Monk's Mood (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Monk Ring (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Little Rootie Tootie (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Introspection (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Epistrophy (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Brilliant Corner (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Crepuscule With Nellie (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Ubi Minor, Major Cessat (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Straight No Chaser (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
'Round Midnight (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Thelonious (Live)
feat. Fabrizio Bosso

The figure of American pianist and composer Thelonious Sphere Monk has continued to grow in stature since his passing in 1982, and the legacy he left behind is a monument in the history of 20th-century arts. Monk stands out today in the jazz landscape as one of the most studied, performed, and recorded musicians.

The project SPHERE was created by the New Project Orchestra as a tribute to the great artist on the thirtieth anniversary of his passing, revisiting some pages of his extraordinary repertoire. The arrangements and direction by Roberto Spadoni develop from Monk's piano performances, amplified by the orchestral ensemble. Alongside Monk's compositions, there are also some original compositions inspired by ideas, fragments, and insights from his human and expressive universe. The project is enriched by the participation of the great soloist Fabrizio Bosso.

Roberto Spadoni, guitarist, arranger, and orchestra conductor, has collaborated with numerous musicians including Kenny Wheeler, Gunther Schuller, Maria Schneider, David Liebman, Gianluigi Trovesi, Ronny Cuber, Elio, Javier Girotto, Paolo Fresu, Giovanni Falzone, Marco Tamburini, and many others. He has conducted numerous jazz orchestras in Italy, carried out important projects commissioned by jazz festivals, and taught at Jazz Departments in Music Conservatories (Bologna, Frosinone, Ferrara, Perugia, Trento, Benevento), Siena Jazz University, and significant National Seminars. Awarded in major composition and arrangement competitions for Jazz Orchestra in Italy, he has released several albums as a leader, orchestra conductor, and guitarist. He has collaborated extensively with Jazzit magazine, curating the column "Jazz Anatomy," and has been working with the publisher "Volontè & Co" for years, where he has translated the most important texts on jazz composition and arrangement into Italian. He has also published the treatise "Jazz Harmony" (2013), which is widely used in many conservatories and music schools in Italy.

Fabrizio Bosso is one of the finest Italian trumpeters, having established himself in the current jazz scene at the national and international level. Endowed with great sensitivity and impeccable technique, he employs a unique and personal language, the result of extensive stylistic research. Moving from the magic of tradition to the evocation of bebop and hard bop of the 1960s, he arrives at the development of a wholly original sound characterized by a thousand nuances, where the dominant features are strength, freshness, and lyricism. He has collaborated with the most famous Italian musicians, building an extensive and important discography, and establishing himself at a young age as one of the most sought-after and active Italian musicians.


Produced by Associazione Culturale New Project
and Roberto Spadoni
Live Recorded at Teatro Cristallo in Bolzano (IT)
by Luca Merlini

Roberto Spadoni - Arrangements, Conductor and Guitar

Fabrizio Bosso - Trumpet

Stefano Menato
Alto Sax and Clarinet - Solo on tracks 5, 9
Fiorenzo Zeni
Tenor Sax and Clarinet - Solo on tracks 6, 11
Giorgio Beberi
Baritone Sax and Bass Clarinet
Paolo Trettel
Trumpet - 2nd Solo on track 10
Christian Stanchina
Trumpet - 1st Solo on track 10
Luigi Grata
Trombone - Solo on tracks 1, 7
Roland Gruber
Stefano Colpi
Doble Bass - Solo on tracks 1, 5, 10
Stefano Bertoli
Drums - Solo on tracks 1, 6, 10

Foto by Marco Trabalza