L'america bagnata dal Mediterraneo

Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE18027
Sul lato sbagliato della strada (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Andar per quarte (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Amori al bivio (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Conductus primo (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Adriatic Dawn (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Ragione e sentimento/In giacca e cravatta/Vada via trombettiere (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Ossessivostinato (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso
Bob Broadswords (Live)
feat. Bruno Tommaso

A marvelous musical journey blending influences from the lands bathed by the Mediterranean with the origins of jazz from across the ocean. 80 minutes with a superb New Project Orchestra skillfully directed by Maestro Bruno Tommaso. An unprecedented recording project captured live, featuring Stefano Menato, Giuliana Beberi, Fiorenzo Zeni, Enrico Dallantonio, Giorgio Beberi, Paolo Trettel, Christian Stanchina, Gianluca Carollo, Emiliano Tamanini, Luigi Grata, Demetrio Bonvecchio, Hannes Mock, Valerio Terzan, Fabio Rossato, Roberto Spadoni, Michael Lösch, Stefano Colpi, and Alessandro Ruocco.

"It is quite challenging to determine the percentage of jazziness inherent in our DNA, whether it has been influenced by millennia of relations with the southern world or absorbed through more recent contacts with African-American culture. A question frequently lingers among our jazz musicians: what are our roots? The blues or the lyrical arias? The marching band tunes or the tarantellas and saltarelli? Aware that there will never be a exhaustive and definitive answer, being a curious man, I have decided to focus on the possibilities of jazz development around our own and others' cultural heritage, popular and unpopular, cultivated and uncultivated."

Bruno Tommaso

Stefano Menato - clarinet and alto saxophone
Giuliana Beberi - alto and soprano saxophone
Fiorenzo Zeni - tenore saxophone
Enrico Dellantonio - tenore saxophone
Giorgio Beberi - bass saxophone and bass clarinet
Paolo Trettel - trumpet and flugelhorn
Christian Stanchina -trumpet and flugelhorn
Gianluca Carollo -trumpet and flugelhorn
Emiliano Tamanini -trumpet and flugelhorn
Luigi Grata - trombone
Demetrio Bonvecchio - trombone
Hannes Mock - trombone
Valerio Terzan - bass trombone
Fabio Rossato - accordion
Roberto Spadoni - guitar
Michael Lösch - piano
Stefano Colpi - double bass
Alessandro Ruocco - drums

Recorded live @ Teatro Cristallo in Bolzano, Italy
on June 5-6, 2018
Recorded, edited and mixed by Luca Merlini
FledermauS Music & Art in Bolzano IT
Mastered by Alberto Mantovani
Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO) IT
Artwork by Luca Merlini

Produced by Associazione Culturale New Project