The Careless Song

Genere: Chill-Out / Lounge / Trip Hop
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN19081
The Careless Song (2019)04:03

"The Careless Song" is the new single by Eloisa Atti, premiering today on, and it will be included in the upcoming compilation album "Trip Hop Crop."

"The song and the video aim to reflect on the risk of closing ourselves off, which our era exposes us to," as stated in the attached press notes. "It is a heartfelt request to lift our gaze and see the other. This request becomes increasingly feeble and gets overshadowed by other sounds, other priorities that life presents to us in an urgent manner. The protagonist of the video is Eloisa Atti herself, metaphorically representing our capacity for empathy, progressively appearing weaker, isolated, and immobile. The characters in the fragments of life that appear in this forest—a metaphor for a dark place within the soul—do not notice her existence, while she becomes literally buried under the leaves. It will be a childlike heart, a curious and unprejudiced heart, to find her and set her free with a tender gesture like a caress. From that moment, something seems to change gradually, while the song of carelessness and superficiality seeks its way toward attention and care. The video, shot in the hills of Bologna, was created by Simone Casadio Pirazzoli and Filippo Baietti, with the participation of Eloisa Atti, Francesco Giampaoli, Riccardo Lolli, Marianna Pini, Gaia Fogli, Jessica Seiko, the talented young Davide, and the extraordinary participation of Bob Messini."

"Simone Casadio Pirazzoli and Filippo Baietti, in addition to performing magic with shots and lighting in an evocative yet rather dark and uncomfortable environment, were very caring, trying to keep me 'alive' through little slaps, pinches, encouraging phrases, and overlapping coats during the shoots in the frozen forest, where I found myself buried under leaves and motionless for over two hours," Eloisa Atti emphasizes. "Margherita Fantoni also did an excellent job with the makeup, touching it up whenever my color tended to resemble the dull green of obvious hypothermia. Finally, I would like to thank the artists who portrayed the various characters, starting with the unique and inimitable actor Bob Messini, whose rare expressiveness shines through in his writing and performance of micro-songs that are pearls of irony and sweetness. It was also wonderful to involve Riccardo Lolli and Francesco Giampaoli, refined musicians and composers, with whom I have had the fortune to collaborate on numerous occasions. Gaia Fogli, already the director of the video for my song 'Blue Eyes Blue,' with drawings by Paola Cassano, winner of the 'Un'altra musica' award at the Biella festival Music Video, transforms from a video artist to an actress, alongside her friend Jessica. This is how two beautiful girls and the fascinating Marianna Pini helped this singer buried by leaves to counterbalance the male part, which is so relevant in the video, especially since the latter finds a great protagonist in the young Davide, with his sweet face resembling that of a forest elf."

Mix 2019 Single Edition


Produced by Eloisa Atti
Recorded by Andrea Scardovi
at Dunastudio in Russi (RA), Italy
Mixed and Mastered by Alberto Mantovani
at Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO), Italy

Eloisa Atti - Vocals
Marco Bovi - Electric and Nylon Guitars
Emiliano Pintori - Organ
Stefano Senni - Double Bass
Zeno De Rossi - Drums and Percussion
Antonio Gramentieri - Add Guitar
Tim Trevor Briscoe - Clarinet

Photo by Simone Casadio Pirazzoli
Graphics by Stefano Raffini