Genere: Folk / Jazz / Songwriter
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE17023
Each Man Is God04:35
Blue Eyes Blue04:10
The Rest of Me02:59
The Careless Song04:05
Sleepy Man03:17
Without You03:48
Cry, Cry, Cry02:58
Love Signs02:40
Henry's Song04:09
Lullaby to Myself02:51

The new album EDGES is finally available in all stores and digital platforms.

Eloisa Atti continues to stand out for her personality and imagination. Moving from a concept album inspired by the Odyssey (Penelope) to a research project on the figure of Billie Holiday (Everything Happens for the Best), in this EDGES, she takes us to an original American Dreamy land. Twelve songs of that transgenre genre that blends country, folk, blues, and jazz influences that evoke wood and dust. Mixed in Tucson at the prestigious Wavelab Studios by Craig Schumacher and mastered by Grammy Award winner Giovanni Versari, EDGES is an album of unpublished songs that tell stories capable of resonating with the fading of music.

Edges is a word rich in meaning: they are the boundaries, the margins that enclose an identity and at the same time represent separation and contiguity between different worlds... "My album talks about edges, limits, and borders from different points of view."

In the album, entirely produced by the Bolognese singer, some of the greatest Italian jazz musicians play. In addition to Eloisa, who also plays the ukulele and concertina here, there are guitarist Marco Bovi, pianist and organist Emiliano Pintori, double bassist Stefano Senni, and drummer Zeno De Rossi. Among the various tracks, you can also appreciate the guitar of Antonio Gramentieri, the pedal steel guitar of Thomas Heyman, the violin of Erica Scherl, the clarinets of Tim Trevor Briscoe, and the backing vocals of Enrico Farnedi and Riccardo Lolli, as well as the indigenous ocarina played by Maestro Michele Carnevali.

The album's release is preceded by radio rotation of the single "Blue Eyes Blue," accompanied by an animated video by Gaia Fogli featuring the dreamer character created specifically by Paola Cassano. Eloisa Atti is indeed one of the "Dreamers" represented by the Sardinian artist, whose artistic project has become a brand focused on illustrations depicting women as sources of inspiration and beacons for other women.

Produced and Realized by Eloisa Atti
Recorded by Andrea Scardovi
at Dunastudio in Russi (RA), Italy
Mixed by Craig Schumacher
at Wavelab Studio in Tucson, Arizona, USA
Mastered by Giovanni Versari
at La Maestà in Faenza (RA), Italy

Eloisa Atti - Vocals, Ukulele, Concertina
Marco Bovi - Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro
Emiliano Pintori - Piano and Organ
Stefano Senni - Double Bass
Zeno De Rossi - Drums, Percussion

Also with:
Antonio Gramentieri - Guitar, Synth (2, 6, 9, 11)
Thomas Heyman - Pedal Steel Guitar (3, 10)
Michele Carnevali - Ocarina (4)
Erica Scherl - Violin (4)
Tim Trevor Briscoe - Clarinets (4, 6)

Backing Vocals by Eloisa Atti, Antonio Gramentieri, Enrico Farnedi, Riccardo Lolli

Drawings by Paola Cassano - www.lesognatrici.com
Artwork by Hem-B Studio

All songs were written by Eloisa Atti apart from Sleepy Man (music by Eloisa Atti and Marco Bovi) and Without You (music by Marco Bovi and lyrics by Eloisa Atti)
ALMAN MUSIC Publishing