White & Blue

Genere: Lounge / Nu-Jazz / Pop
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN15040
Summer Breeze04:10
Il Barbone04:51
I Cannot Change03:01
Luna nel cuore03:46
Play Another Game04:04
So Lovely04:30
Sogno blu03:59
To be a Child03:21
You Still Don't Know Way05:00
Envious Moon
feat. Cristina Esa

After countless concerts, shows, recordings, and collaborations, the singer of "Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair" releases his first solo album.

"White & Blue" contains twelve Jazzy-Pop songs, written and produced by the singer-songwriter from Treviso.
During his career, which began singing in the bands of well-known national radio and television programs (from "Ci vediamo in TV" hosted by Paolo Limiti to "Il tappeto volante," from "Quelli che il calcio" to "Viva Radio Due" with Fiorello and Baldini), Fabrizio starts to realize his natural need to sing and write music.

He begins to perform his own songs with "Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair," with whom he releases three albums, known in Italy through various programs and events (from "Montecarlo Night" with Nick the Nightfly to "Milano Jazz Festival") and exported abroad as far as Japan, with that distinctive Lounge/Nu-Jazz sound that characterizes his voice.

His first solo album is now the result of a journey matured over the years among people, places, and sounds. An album that, as Fabrizio himself says, is born from melody: "It's the melody that triggers that starting mechanism, that set of images that will then give rise to sensations, to words."

An album halfway between Pop and Nu-Jazz, with touches of Latin and Swing. Twelve songs written by the singer-songwriter, often assisted in lyrics (nine in English and three in Italian) by Cristina Pizzol and Patrizia Rossi.

"White & Blue are the colors above the world, the ones that help you create a detachment, that communicate freedom [...]"

Fabrizio is accompanied by Lino Brotto on guitars, Nicola Dal Bo on piano and keyboards, Andrea Tombesi on bass and double bass, Marco Carlesso on drums, Marco Catinaccio on percussion, Gianluca Carollo on trumpet, and Michele Polga on saxophone.

Produced by Fabrizio Rispoli.
All songs composed by Fabrizio Rispoli.
Recorded and mixed by Claudio Zambenedetti at "Level's Studio" (TV).
Photos by Pattirossi and Graphic by Stefano Raffini.

Vocals: Fabrizio Rispoli
Guitars: Lino Brotto
Keyboards: Nicola Dal Bo
Bass: Andrea Tombesi
Drums: Marco Carlesso
Percussions: Marco Catineccio
Trumpet: Gianluca Carollo
Saxophone: Michele Polga