In This Life

Genere: Pop
Etichetta: Alman Music
N° catalogo: ALMAN17059
In This Life (Ukulele Lovers Family)02:55
If I Ain't Got You03:19
Guacamole Ukulele Song03:46
Five in the Morning04:24
Eastern Lullaby03:02
Don't Think Twice It's All Right03:24
Old Dan Tucker02:58
Il respiro di te04:30
Let's Go02:53
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon03:23
Mercedes Benz02:50

There is an adorable instrument, of touching beauty, that speaks to us of sun and sea, of flowers and scents, of boundless blue skies and sweet songs... and it's easy to play! How easy it is to fall in love with the little jumping flea (as it is called in Hawaii). The ukulele is so enchanting and at the same time ironic that every performance inevitably becomes a moment of social gathering with total involvement, making it the main instrument of togetherness.

As George Harrison said: 'Everyone should have and play a ukulele; it's so easy to carry around and it's an instrument you can't play and not laugh!... So get yourself one and have fun!' The ukulele is exactly that: it offers the precious certainty of being an integral part of the group and it conveys the playful aspect of approaching study and artistic exploration.

Fascinated by this great virtue of the small instrument, guitarist Andrea Boschetti from Rovigo creates a vocal/instrumental ensemble composed of singers and musicians active in classical, pop, and jazz music, as well as painters, theater technicians, and even organic farmers. Friends in everyday life and happy to be able to build a common artistic project, the Ukulele Lovers soon become not only a point of reference for ukulele enthusiasts but also an example of how the pleasure of sharing the 'art of encounter' is truly the winning spirit with which to approach music.

Through a journey of performances, educational workshops, jazz festivals, and music labs, consistently participating in various humanitarian and solidarity initiatives related to the ukulele worldwide (such as Paul Moore's Ukuleles for Peace and Updoo World's Chiquitica), the group finally decides to gather a selection of their repertoire in a debut recording project. Thus, the album IN THIS LIFE is born, a pleasant mix of original compositions and highly personalized arrangements of great songs from jazz, tradition, and gospel, as well as from artists like Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys, and Bob Dylan.

Annika Borsetto - Soprano Ukulele, Vocals
Ilaria Mandruzzato - Soprano Ukulele, Vocals
Barbara Fortin - Soprano Ukulele, Vocals
Andrea Boschetti - Banjo Ukulele
Milena Dolcetto - Concerto Ukulele
Mattia Martorano - Concerto Ukulele, Violin
Paolo Ambroso - Resonator and Tenor Ukulele
Marinella Pavan - Sopranino Ukulele
Vittore Dalla Benetta - Concerto Ukulele
Antonella Pasqualini - Soprano Ukulele
Daniele Saggiorato - Tenor Ukulele
Marco Barion - Tenor Ukulele
Alessandro Turchet - Bass Ukulele, Double Bass

Special Guest:
Lorenzo Frizzera - Chiquitica (3)
Pietro Tonolo - Flutax (4)
Maurizio Bestelli - Cigar Box (6)
Daniele Gottardo - Soprano Ukulele (10)
Andrea Verza - Cossa (12)

Produced by Andrea Boschetti and Ukulele Lovers
Recorded and Mixed by Ugo Bolzoni at New Frontiers Recording Studio in Rovigo, Italy
Mastered by Alberto Mantovani at Alman Music Project Studio in Imola (BO), Italy
Artwork and Graphics by Tipografia Mandruzzato and Antonella Pasqualini