Morning Light

Genere: Jazz / Latin-Jazz / Nu-Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE19032
Autumn imagination07:08
Morning Lights05:04
My Spring07:03
Good Night Baby06:29
Blues for Two03:44
Blue Romance05:39
Push the Blues05:02
For Giulia06:16
Sorry Come Back Later03:03
Morning Street06:01

Fiorenzo Zeni's stylistic versatility has allowed him to collaborate significantly with a multitude of formations, bringing his extroverted and communicative nature to each one. His instrumental voice makes him easily recognizable in any context, with a range that extends from the dark, gritty richness of the tenor sax to the clear brightness of the soprano, encompassing a wide variety of tonal and expressive nuances.

Despite his abundant contributions to other works, Fiorenzo has not neglected his own projects, which he has always allowed to mature over time with great care. In 2013, he released his first CD, "Cortometraggio," and only now does he present his second personal work, which in many ways stands in stark contrast to the previous one.

While the previous album consisted of songs that were created at different times, sometimes very distant from each other, and together told a sort of musical biography composed of different moments and situations, each with varying instrumental arrangements, "Morning Light" focuses on a more cohesive range of inspiration while still featuring numerous stimulating digressions. Fiorenzo has assembled a stable quartet, including Michele Giro on piano, Marco Stagni on double bass, and Michele Vurchio on drums. Already within the instrumental lineup, one can sense the intention of entrusting a significant portion of the melodic and soloistic responsibility to his own instrument, primarily the tenor sax. It is a bold and challenging choice that requires both a clear stylistic focus and a compositional variety capable of making the flow of music diverse and captivating. It is also a test for the rhythm section, entrusted with the important task of aligning with the leader's needs, interacting, inserting themselves during solos, and making everything compact yet dynamic.

Fiorenzo's compositions draw particular inspiration from a golden period of jazz, ranging from the 1950s to the 1960s, while also acknowledging contemporary influences. Hence, references to the great soloist and composer/orchestrator Oliver Nelson appear in "Blue Romance," while the calypso style, reminiscent of Sonny Rollins, emerges in "Morning Street." References to Coltrane are spread throughout the album, with a particularly strong presence in the muscular solo of "Blues For Two." The beautiful melodies of "For Giulia" and the intense soprano ballad "Goodnight Baby" create a spacious atmosphere. The silky character of "Autumn Imagination" allows the tenor sax to showcase its agile feline movements. The rhythmic structure and harmonic treatment of "Substrate" look to the present with taste and elegance. The entire CD is a delight to savor and discover.

Fiorenzo Zeni - Saxophones
Michele Giro - Piano
Marco Stagni - Double Bass
Michele Vurchio - Drums

José Molina - Percussion on tracks 1 and 10

Recorded by Mario Marcassa
at Cat Sound Studio in Badia Polesine (RO) - Italy
Mixed and Mastered by Alberto Mantovani
at ExCantine Recording Studio
and Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO) - Italy

Photos by Franco Silvestri
Cover Photo by Edoardo Tomasi
Graphics by Stefano Raffini