Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE22100
Windows on the Trip
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
Cowboy Swing04:27
Noi due05:01
Tropical Drink04:52
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
River Dance
feat. Fabrizio Bosso
West Moon Ballad06:14

Helios is the outcome of the cooperation between saxophonist and composer Danile Corraro with pianist, here producer and arranger too, Paolo di Sabatino. This production involves other great players from the Italian jazz scene, from drummer Glauco di Sabatino, to double-bass player Luca Bulgarelli, including the special guest star Fabrizio Bosso with his trumpet, engaged in duets with Danile's saxophones (both tenor and soprano) in four of the ten tracks on the list.

The title of the album pays homage to the sun, an element that has always accompanied the life of the composer who, after years spent studying and refining his personal instrumental technique, now realizes a lifetime's dream giving birth to tunes finely composed through the past years and that represent for him a will for redemption and freedom. Redemption and Freedom are in fact keywords in a project that unveils fusion, funky, blues and latin moods, favoring melody over virtuosity, given that, as Carraro himself explains, "the heart does not express itself through eight and sixteenth notes, but instead with halves, quarters and double wholes. Melody is everywhere and is the sole thing that remains in the deep of the human innermost."

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Produced by Danile Corraro and Sabrina Bosi
Arranged and Conduced by Paolo Di Sabatino

Danile Corraro - Sax
Paolo di Sabatino - Piano
Glauco Di Sabatino - Drums
Luca Bulgarelli - Double Bass

Also Featuring Fabrizio Bosso - Trumpet (1, 4, 8, 9)

Recorded and mixed by Flavio Pistilli at Farearte Studio in Teramo - IT

All Music by Danile Corraro © 2022 Alman Music