Genere: Indie / Pop Rock
Etichetta: DeepOut Records
N° catalogo: DEEp18012
3 luglio 199401:43
La sfida03:42
All I Have (entrèe)07:51
All I Have07:51
All I Have (sortie)07:51
Sia quel che sia04:11
Anima indifesa04:28
Nuove storie04:44
Il rimorso che non ho03:46
Non piango più05:33
Piove sale03:58
My friend03:18

WHO? Megrez... one like many... one like you
WHY? to tell myself
HOW? through music
WHERE? here
WHEN? before it's too late.

"MEGREZ" is my first step towards you, where you will find the music of feeling, the words of living, the drawings of memories, and the color of dreams.
By singing and playing freely, I will whisper to you about my sleepless nights, my breathless runs to chase the days that one lifetime was not enough and will never be enough.

"MEGREZ" is a story, my story, your story, the story of many stories lived and witnessed during the journey of a man even before that of an artist; it is of these stories that I speak and of the traces they leave on the skin, sometimes painful like deep wounds, sometimes sweet like an unexpected caress.
It is not easy to describe the thousand colors of the thousand emotions that life offers, but music is generous, kind, and caring; music takes you by the hand if only you can open yourself to its benevolent majesty.
This is the challenge, this is the infinite joy, to strip away everything, naked in front of feeling in the absolute indifference of how it will end.
This is the "MEGREZ" project, a leap into the blinding warmth of music and the benevolent whispers of poetry.

Carlo Dallacasa - Vocals
Alessandro Magnani - Keyboards
Fabio Galamini - Guitars
Marco Chillo - Drums
Paolo Betti - Bass
Sauro Ghini - Percussion
Valentina Malossi and Marta Checchi - Backing vocals

With special participation of:
Valentina Malossi - Vocals (Track 9)
Marco "EL V" Vecchi - Vocals (Track 2)
Andrea Innesto - Saxophone (Track 11)
Stefano Dall'Osso - Saxophone (Track 6) and backing vocals
Manuel Galamini - Guitars (Track 7)
Giovanna Mascagni - Violin

Arrangements by Alessandro Magnani, Fabio Galamini, Stefano Dall'Osso.
Recorded by Stefano Dall'Osso at SD Music Project Studio in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) and at ExCantine Recording Studio in Imola (BO).
Mastered by Alberto Mantovani at Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO).
Graphic design by Massimo Ronchi.