Oggi non piove

Genere: Pop
N° catalogo: UKEFA18001
Al mar02:48
Ale Brider02:46
Bii Sama Mangkee04:07
Fogh In Nakhal04:12
Mahk Jchi04:12

The new album by the duo formed by Sara Magon (vocals and ukulele) and Clara Zucchetti (vocals, ukulele, and percussion) is now available in all digital stores. It represents the first release of the new brand UKE FOR ALL, conceived and supported by Aquila Corde Armoniche and Mercatino dell’Ukulele, with the aim of creating a reference point for ukulele musicians and enthusiasts. Soon to be present on the web, UKE FOR ALL will seek to promote and support the use of the small instrument through events, shows, concerts, and, thanks to the partnership with the label Alman Music, by releasing new albums or compilations.

A perfect reality to be the first testimonial is "Le Due Nel Cappello," which, with this album, fulfills the desire to blend musical cultures, languages, and different instruments, favoring the use of the ukulele, which has been a protagonist in the duo's musical and professional projects. Active since 2013, Sara and Clara have amassed a significant number of performances through concerts and participation in events, also publishing the first ukulele teaching method for children, "Iniziamo presto con l’ukulele" (Ed. Curci).

The sounds of this project mainly revolve around the intertwining of voices, ukulele, and percussion, representing a typically Ethnic/World-Music flavor amplified by the choice of a repertoire inspired mostly by traditional music from diverse parts of the world. The album includes songs sung in Spanish, Yiddish, Finnish, and Mandinka, and features two original compositions: "Bii Sama Mangkee" ("Today it doesn't rain" in Mandinka) and the playful ghost track "La casa del bulgaro".