Sognando Fellini

Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE21093
La passerella di addio03:42
La strada / La strada nuova04:39
Le notti di Cabiria / Cabiria Suite06:21
Aspettando Giorgio06:05
Il risveglio03:11
Danza storta03:01
Toby Dammit05:02
I cinque musicisti04:35
I Clowns04:22
Entry of the Gladiators02:16
Carlotta's Galop / La danza delle spade03:41

The adventurous ensemble BandaStorta presents their new work dedicated to one of the most emblematic figures in Italian cinema and culture since the era of the 'Dolce Vita'.

The project was born as a tribute to the Maestro on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, materializing in the album 'Sognando Fellini' (Dreaming Fellini) to revisit some of the most beautiful and famous musical pieces written for his films, as well as songs from the era and original compositions.

The magical atmospheres and the overwhelming explosiveness of BandaStorta take listeners on a journey through an improbable Fellinian circus, accompanying them through images and soundtracks from the films that have made Italian cinema history.

BandaStorta is born from eclectic minds and twisted souls that find their balance in the arrangements of circus-inspired melodies, allowing space for the artistic creativity of each individual member: Davide Salata on soprano saxophone, Emiliano Tamanini on trumpet, Fabrizio Carlin on trombone, Giorgio Beberi on baritone saxophone, and Filippo Tonini on percussion and drums.

Davide Salata - soprano saxophone
Emiliano Tamanini - trumpet
Fabrizio Carlin - trombone
Giorgio Beberi - baritone saxophone
Filippo Tonini - drums and percussion

Produced by ℗ 2021 COSE SONORE & © 2021 ALMAN MUSIC