BiFunk Brass Band


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A real burnst of energy for the BiFunk Brass Band, a 15 elements ensamble with a funk/metropolitan sound mixed with the typical street jazz band atmosphere. Pure energy you can look at, listen to and dance along!

Christian Stanchina, Alessio Tasin, Arnold Lunger - Trumpet
Stefano Menato - Alto Sax
Fiorenzo Zeni, Matteo Cuzzolin - Tenor Sax
Giorgio Beberi, Marco Pisoni - Baritone Sax
Hannes Petermair - Susaphone
Gigi Grata, Hannes Mock - Trombone
Roland Gruber - Tuba
Bernhard Stauder, Claudio Ischia, Luca Merlini - Percussions

Official Release

On the Funky Side of the Street

Appears in

Morning Light