A Walk Through Dixneyland

Genere: Jazz / Swing
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE17017
Mickey Mouse March02:09
The Bare Necessities02:25
Heigh-ho / Apple Strut03:34
I Wan'na Be Like You02:52
A Spoonful of Sugar03:53
The Aristocats04:35
Cruella De Vil04:30
Prince Ali03:51
Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat03:51
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo / Mambo O03:55
Hakuna Matata / King's Blues04:52

The TIGER DIXIE BAND also wants to celebrate and pay tribute to "Mickey Mouse" on the occasion of his 90th birthday. They do it in their own way, reinterpreting in a Dixieland style some of the most famous songs and melodies from the Disney legacy, starting with "Mickey Mouse March." From "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to "The Jungle Book," from "The Aristocats" to "Mary Poppins," the Band engages with this timeless sound world, balancing between history and fantasy, with a program that spans across both older and more recent Disney productions. They speak the language of Jazz to today's and yesterday's young people, bridging the gap between popular culture and art.

The Tiger Dixie Band is dedicated to the revival of Jazz from the "Roaring Twenties," presenting it with an original and contemporary interpretive approach. The typical atmospheres of New Orleans and Chicago Style, Charleston and Ragtime, are faithfully respected in tone and spirit (also through the use of some original instruments from that era), but the sound is filtered through the modern musical experiences of the individual members of the Band. By merging various aspects of performance, from arrangement to improvisation, they avoid a purely revivalist result, instead emphasizing the desire to show that this genre of music has not aged more than Swing or Bebop.

Under the artistic production of the Cultural Association New Project, the album features Paolo Trettel (trumpet), Stefano Menato (clarinet), Fiorenzo Zeni (tenor saxophone), Luigi Grata (trombone), Enrico Merlin (banjo and guitar), Stefano Caniato (piano), Giorgio Beberi (bass saxophone), Roman Hinteregger (drums).


Produced by Associazione Culturale New Project

Recorded, Edited and Mixed by Carlo Cantini
at Digitube Studio in Mantova, Italy
Mastered by Alberto Mantovani
at Alman Project Studio in Imola (BO), Italy

Paolo Trettel trumpet
Stefano Menato clarinet
Fiorenzo Zeni tenor sax
Luigi Grata trombone
Stefano Caniato piano
Giorgio Beberi bass sax
Enrico Merlin banjo and guitar
Roman Hinteregger drums

Graphics by Gaia Fogli