Segnala Come Spam

Genere: Alternative / Pop / Rock
Etichetta: DeepOut Records
N° catalogo: DEEP16002
Gennaio (Stiamo in casa)03:58
Frasi Liquide (Gioco in due)03:22
How Long
feat. Caterina Soldati

After his extensive experience in the alternative music scene of the independent underground in Bologna, Gian Luca Biasini transforms into Ex-Novo and presents an album of his own songs, blending punk, indie, electronic, and pop elements. Gian Luca has always been immersed in music, recording his first tape at the age of 8. He has explored various instruments, from keyboards to drums, and has played as both a guitarist and a percussionist. He even dabbled in computer music during the era of programming on Atari. His musical tastes range from Deftones to Lucio Battisti, from Prodigy to Pino Daniele, from Pantera to Fabri Fibra, from Nirvana to Jamiroquai.

His debut album, "Segnala come spam" (Report as Spam), is entirely self-produced and features 7 songs in Italian and 2 in English, interspersed with two instrumental tracks. The lyrics mainly describe an analysis of current social realities, as well as political (Gattophard) and theological (Noia) themes. At times, these concepts are embodied through imaginary characters, while consistently rejecting any form of bigotry or false moralism without reservation. Without intending to pass judgment on the situation, Ex-Novo conducts his analysis while happily considering himself a part of the realities he depicts.

For example, in the first single, "Condividi" (Share), he humorously observes the impact of the social networking phenomenon on his generation. It's a world of photographs and clichés where the emphasis on appearance leads people to share every moment rather than live it, often seeking validation through comments from friends, as if compensating for the lack of satisfaction in real life.

Accompanying the single release is Ex-Novo's first music video, directed by Simone C. Pirazzoli. It was shot in a photographic limbo, featuring actors (including the extraordinary participation of Alberto Pernazza), musicians, dancers, and extras suspended in space, emphasizing the virtual realm in which we "post" our most mundane or unreal experiences.

Produced and Realized by Gian Luca Biasini

Optimization and Mastering by Alberto Mantovaniat "Alman Music Project Studio" in Imola (BO)

A very special thank also to:
Giovanni Barbieri (Bass)
Marco Dirani (Bass in Vent'anni)
Caterina Soldati (Back Voice in How Long)
Fabio Casacci and Riccardo Magni (Choir in Why)

Musics and Lyrics by Gian Luca Biasini / ©2016 Alman Music

Photos, Artwork and Graphics by Stefano Raffini