Genere: Jazz / Tango
Etichetta: Cose Sonore
N° catalogo: COSE15001
Quedemonos aqui
feat. McEndoz
Invierno porteño06:34
Negra Maria04:25
Milonga para Danubio06:28
Milonga notturna03:05
Michelangelo 7003:10
Milonga triste05:08
Blue tango02:49

VENTANA means window. Opening a window onto an album of tangos immediately evokes landscapes of pampas and joined steps in dubious taverns, with the usual repertoire of melancholic glances and roses between teeth. However, when the ventana opens onto tango beyond the year 2000, our world appears, our cities crossed by existences not always poetic, discordant sounds, and silent solitudes. Embracing the tradition of Gardel and Piazzolla, Tangocinco traverses this postmodern condition of stifled dramas, giving it a voice through its rhythms and with the warmth of its pathos, dispelling endless winters. Widening the ventana of Tangocinco means inviting, like delicate spring breezes, the restlessness of strings, the extravagant feelings of the flute and piano, the paradoxes of jazz; it also means keeping this window open and capturing the suggestions of music that unfolds along narratives of crossroads and unexpected events, stories that speak of us, show us the upheavals and anxieties of our time, guiding our steps on the air of distant, yet so close, harmonies.

Pamela Falconi: Flute
Carmen Falconi: Piano
Giuliano Romagnesi: Guitar
Giulia Costa: Cello
Gianluca Ravaglia: DoubleBass

Giulia Aruffo: Voice

Recorded and Mixed by Guido Caliandro at "Modu-Lab" in Casalecchio di Reno (BO) Italy

Photo and Graphic by Donatella Dalmonte